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Dear friend,

After another unforgettable experience we enjoyed during the Jerusalem Day 2019 and the 2018 trip with Judge Jeanine Pirro, we are very excited to invite you to come with us for the Jerusalem Day tour, May 14- May 24, 2020. This will be an amazing trip!

The topic of our fact finding expedition in 2018 was a security and defense concentrating on Israel and the West relations, our 2019 was Israel's border walls and barriers. The 2020 mission on the most important election year in the history of the US, our trip is going deep into the study the Israel and US relations and position in the volatile Middle East.

We will visit the border of Israel and Egypt on the Sinai peninsula, the Gaza border, the Lebanese, Syrian, West Bank and most importantly the security wall in Jerusalem. We will first hand see how border wall and barriers stop close to 100% of any illegal penetration to Israel.
You will meet with local leaders, academics and researchers, with intelligence officers, police, military leaders, government officials and counter-terrorism experts. In addition, you will have an opportunity to visit some of Israel's most historic--and the Western world's most sacred--sites, including the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Sea of Galilee, and the Golan Heights.

We, Team Israel 2020 are national security experts on Israel and her relationship with the United States. Team Israel 2019 include: Tom Trento, John Guandolo, Clare Lopez, Laura Loomer, Martha Boneta, Dan Gordon and Ron Wexler. Together, we will make this trip an experience you will never forget!

In conjunction with the Heritage Study Programs, this special tour offers also a unique insights into the heart and soul of Israel. Our trip will include participation in the 53rd Jerusalem Day which is a fervent celebration marking the unification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War.

This trip also visits the Holy Land biblical and historic sites while exploring US-Israel relations. Our attention will be on the region's defense, security, and intelligence activities as they develop throughout the year.

US-Israel relations, Iran and her proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, Radical Islamists and the regional turmoil are not only critical to Israel's welfare and survival, but affect the future of Western society. How does the Jewish State deal with the issues of security and defense? What role will the West play?

When 20% of its citizens (Israeli/Arabs) are opposed to its existence and, in some cases, are actively disloyal to it, what must Israel do to preserve its Zionist achievement? How does Israel deal with this growing, alienated population? Are Israeli Arabs now Palestinians? Where do Israeli Arabs fit in the constellation of Middle East alliances? Is there a dominant opinion of American Jews living in Israel? Do they have influence or take a stand? Much to learn and discover.

Please join us and other experts from Israel and the US in an unprecedented opportunity to explore and analyze these topics in the context in which they arise. Join us as we explore these issues in informative meetings and panel discussions at each location.

Whether you have never been to Israel or you have visited many times before, this mission will bring us a fabulous experience and an outstanding tour of Israel.

Please save the dates (May 14 - May 24, 2020) and sign up now!